North East



Alec Chambers

Hartford , Connecticut
United States

Alec Chambers, the virtuosic 20-year-old singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, could understand chord charts well before he could operate a motor vehicle. Today, Chambers brings us a pop smash with his latest single “Do You See Me” which premiered exclusively on Pop Matters. The new track explores his youthful vulnerability while also showcasing Chambers’ wisdom and songwriting capabilities that are well beyond his years. “Do You See Me” was co-written with Aaron Espe and also placed in the top 3 Pop Category in the John Lennon Song Contest in 2015.

Earlier this year, Chambers released his much-anticipated debut EP, which was produced by Robbie Guariglia (Oh Honey). Chambers’ first single & title track “Whole Again,” premiered on Just Jared Jr. The video for “Whole Again” was directed by Jonathan Hoeg and can be seen here.

Born in a small town in Connecticut, Chambers discovered his interest in music at an astonishingly young age. When he was just 12 years old, he used YouTube to teach himself guitar, and soon discovered his ability to play his favorite songs by ear.  Now, he has become an impressive talent who writes his own music and lyrics.

For the past few years, Chambers has been working closely with producer and platinum-selling songwriter, Sarah Nagourney. He wrote each song on his EP alongside Nagourney, as well as Guariglia, Grammy award-winning Lee Groves (Black Eyed Peas) and Jon Siebels (Eve 6).

“I have worked with Alec a number of times in the studio,” shares Groves,”He is a total natural and a unique talent. I am always impressed with his musicality and ability to play different instruments and parts quickly and effortlessly.”

Chambers has been gaining visibility as a finalist in major international song contests such as the John Lennon Song Contest and the Coffee Music Project.

Carissa Johnson

Somerville, Massachusetts
United States

​Carissa Johnson has been commanding stages across New England since she was fifteen. She has released 3 full-length studio albums and has earned traction in the Boston scene as both a frontwoman of her own project and a member of various other Boston-based bands. Drawing influences from Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, David Bowie, Sahara Hotnights, the Organ Beats, Brody Dalle, and the Ramones, Carissa has defined her own sound that is both reminiscent and fresh. Her new album For Now, released this past February, has caught the attention of Boston magazines and radio stations and continues to attract fans of all ages.
“Straight up rock n roll… a declaration of independence, with sharp lyrics and a completely satisfying hard rock post punk feel. – Francis Dimenno (Noise Magazine)
“Carissa boasts her considerable talents as she sings, plays guitar and thumps the bass with skillful rock & roll authority. – Metronome Magazine.
“Carissa Johnson takes more cues from Sleater-Kinney than Evanescence, and her latest CD, For Now, is a straight-up rocker that recalls aughts Boston bands Aloud and Damone.” – the Hippo

Zealous Bellus

Portland, Maine
United States

Zealous Bellus is a four piece alternative rock band from the state of Maine, formed in 2013. They draw inspiration from blues and rock innovators from throughout the last century, and have been receiving tremendous feedback from the music community. Their material will take listeners on a dynamic journey, exploring all aspects of the human condition, from serenity to struggle, fear, determination, and human morality. They feature blues-driven guitar solos, hard-rocking rhythms, enigmatic song structures, and grooves that will have you on your feet. The unique sound of the lead singer(Dana Banks)’s voice alongside the incredibly talented lead guitarist(Chuck Smith) are perfectly complimented by the bassist(Josh Ward)’s original riffs and drummer(Justin Dube)’s solid rhythms.  The quartet has been performing around the state to crowds of all ages, and are self-producing their first full length album, due out by the end of 2015.

A Simple Complex

Manchester, New Hampshire
United States

There’s more to this band than a clever play on words. A Simple Complex has forged a distinct heavy sound that makes them “Heavy enough for the mosh pit… Rock enough for the radio.”

Calling themselves “The Most Nominated Band In New England”, A Simple Complex is one of only seven bands to be nominated three years in a row (2011-2013) by The New England Music Awards (a committee of several industry professionals) for various awards including Best NH Band and Best Hard Rock/Metal Band. And Limelight Magazine nominated them for Best Band, Live Act Of The Year, Best Female Vocalist and Best Album/EP over the past two years.

Readers of their regional newspaper (Hippo Press) voted them ‘Best Local Band Performing Mostly Originals 2013’, landing them on the cover of the paper. All three of their latest releases have reached the top 40 on five or more Amazon MP3 charts – one CD topped two charts & another topped one chart.

The band has been featured on at least 40 FM stations across America as well as several internet radio stations and podcasts, and has shared stages with national touring acts Korn, Seether, Shinedown, Puddle Of Mudd, Buck Cherry, Sevendust, Drowning Pool, Nonpoint, Halestorm, Candlebox, 10 Years, Chevelle, Ra, Black Stone Cherry, Powerman 5000, Taproot, Prong, and several more.

Massachusetts music

Project 18

Southeastern, Massachusetts
United States

Project 18 was formed in September 2006 by Andy Kenn (Guitar), Dan ‘O’ Mac Leod (Drums), and Chris ‘Needle’ Zahner (Bass). What started out as a jam session in a basement had led to the building of a rehearsal studio. P18 spent many months writing new tunes and trying out potential members. Their music during that time was constantly going through a genre change starting out as a blues rock style to a hard rock then on to the heavier sound you hear today. In March of 2008 P18 headed in to record, at the same time still looking for the missing pieces to the P18 puzzle (Second Guitarist and Lead Vocalist). When a friend, Lou Argenzio (Guitar) contacted Dan’O’ in April of 2008, it was a gift from the metal heavens! It was a no brainer to add Lou’s talents to the P18 Line up. They were one step closer to becoming a local music force. But there was one thing missing, Vocals. After countless searches the final piece surfaced. Drew Dampier (Vocals) replied to one of P18’s ads in July 2008. When Drew auditioned his attitude and vocal ability made it known that this was the front man needed to round out this musically diverse group. In September 2008, P18 headed for the recording studio again, to finalize their tracks. “Fade Away”, “Divide & Conquer”, and “Coma” were released in late 2008. Their sound will set your blood to boil. Project 18 will not be ignored!

Amherst music

Harbour Grace

Amherst, Massachusetts
United States

In today’s era of carbon copy bands and record company pawns, emerges the unique and reviving sound of New England’s own rock music act, Harbour Grace. This super group comprised of established musicians works off of the proven formula of compelling instrumentation and addictive melodies that is suitable for music fans of all genres. With their latest release, “Placid,” receiving four star reviews, the band has been tearing up the club scene making a name for themselves throughout the Northeast. One listen to Harbour Grace promises to bring back the inner rock groupie in everyone.

Dover new hampshir music

Fire in the Field

Dover, New Hampshire
United States

The wails of a prodigal blues singer, fat back grooves pluming from the back of the van, a young guitar slinger anointed with the oils of the old gods. They summons into the future, spirits of the past, which still haunt the hearts of true rock fans. Fire in the Field presents a nubile yet experienced backseat sacrifice at the alter of rock and roll. Get yourself a taste, feel the thrill of fresh rock and roll unfolding for your pleasure. Take a listen, all it takes is just the tip, just one more time.

Maine music

Syndicate 19

Wells, Maine
United States

Syndicate19 began in 2002, as a three-piece band. During the next few years, band names, members and styles were tried and tested. By May of 2007, they had finally found the right combination to create a passionately unique sound. A sound that can be difficult to define by a single genre. From one song to the next, or within a single song, the feel can shift from arena rock to funky blues or relentless angst to hopeful resolution. This intensely dynamic sound is the result of the assortment of influences and styles of the individuals in the band. This cast of characters includes the Impulsive Dreamer, the Data-driven Idealist, the Accident-prone Wise Guy and the Affable Maverick. Their musical inspiration spurs from every genre, and their influences range from the Beatles to Tool to Mozart to Snoop Dogg. This diverse, four man line up generates a powerful, alternative rock sound with blues, jazz, funk and metal undertones. Through their diversity and depth, Syndicate19 engages a detached generation that is skeptically looking for something to believe in…something more. Their music reflects on the state of the world, society, government, relationships, spirituality, media, money, technology and cultural disconnectedness. The eclectic nature and deeper messages resonate with many.

Providence music


Providence, Rhode Island
United States

TREBEK explores a kaleidoscope of musical genres that breeds a sexy and courageous blend of rock, punk, funk and R&B. Their undeniable complexity is evidence of each member’s individuality. Appropriately, TREBEK is not just a band. TREBEK is an experience. TREBEK is the two year (’07 & ’08) consecutive winner of the Worcester Music Award for Best Live Act. TREBEK contributed music to the New England Patriots’ soundtrack for the 2008-09 season including playing at Patriots’ Monday Night Football Verizon tailgate on 10.20.08 and writing music for and appearing on the TV program, “Totally Patriots”.

Hartford music

Remember September

Hartford, Connecticut
United States

Over our three years together, we have seen our grassroots effort grow from playing mostly local clubs in New York City and Connecticut to performing at major venues across the East Coast with legendary acts, including Chicago, Average White Band, .38 Special, The Spin Doctors, guitar legend Steve Vai and several others. From speaking with many of these rock superstars backstage, they tell us to “keep doing your own thing!”…and we have made this our anthem!! Our acoustic rock sound combines the elements of classic and contemporary rock with jazz, the blues and reggae in our own special “brew.” We are honored to participate in The International Music Festival and excited by the warm reception to our music at the show in Hartford.