South Central

Oak Creek

Austin, Texas
United States

Though Jenna & Daniel Watters of The Oak Creek Band first met in middle school, it wasn’t until their high school graduation ceremony in their hometown of Sedona, AZ that they first sang together. Now, ten years later, they have performed their unique blend of Rock, Soul & Americana coast to coast across the United States.  Fusing the harmonies and pop sensibilities of Fleetwood Mac with the modern eccentricity of Modest Mouse, Oak Creek Band touches on folk, funk, and fusion in a timeless fashion. Having tenured in Los Angeles, Denver, and Nashville, Oak Creek Band has settled down in Austin, TX and is currently in pre-production for their fifth album.

Forlorn Strangers

Nashville , Tennessee
United States

Forlorn Strangers is a Nashville, TN Americana quintet hailing from the great states of Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania & Minnesota. The band is comprised of five songwriters with individual sounds & styles that blend into one cohesive voice. Their music is rooted in family harmonies & flavored with guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, upright bass, and foot stomping percussion.

The band was established in 2011 with Chris Banke (guitar, vocals), Benjamin Lusk (banjo, guitar, vocals), and Hannah Leigh (mandolin, percussion, vocals), through a writer’s group in South Florida. Songwriting sessions evolved into a committed group, and the three moved to a farm in Waco, TX, for a creative sabbatical. Continuing to grow, they transplanted to Nashville, TN in 2013, where they met Jesse Thompson (guitar, bass, dobro, vocals). Hannah’s sister, Abigail Dempsey (fiddle, guitar, percussion, vocals) then moved to Nashville in September of 2013 to join the band. 
Santa Fe Music

Shredder May Have

Santa Fe, New Mexico
United States

Shredder May Have participated in the 2009 IMF in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Made up of soloist Angelie Gamboa, she is splitting time in between her home city of Santa Fe and Beverly Hills and is also signed to OverXposed Records. Angelie is also the producer and writer for a production company based out of California, New Mexico, and Italy. We are happy to represent New Mexico in the International Music Festival.

Denver Music


Denver, Colorado
United States

Maybe (Stephen Alexander) is an acoustic singer/songwriter. He is a Colorado Native, and now presides in Downtown Denver. He started playing, singing, and writing music at the turn of the millennium. He has played such venues as Cervantes, the Hi-Dive, Quixotes, Herman’s Hideaway, the Bannock Street Garage, Leela’s European Cafe, as well as many others. Fans have described his music as ‘Neo-Folk Rock’, with original lyricism backed up by simplistic melodies and passionate messages. He sings songs that are meant to move and inspire those who listen by promoting Patience, Peace, Love, Understanding, Unity, and Respect.

Thomas and Taylor Turner

Thomas & Taylor Turner

Dallas, Texas
United States

Their dads are brothers, but Thomas and Taylor Turner are so much more than cousins. They are deeply connected friends. It shows through the layers of their music. There’s the friendship of their dads, their voices, guitars, and even the simple friendship of lyrics and music. “We’ve always clicked in our personalities and interests at a level not typical” Taylor says. “Growing up, our main influences were our dads. We would sit down with our guitars and teach each other what our dads had taught us.” Today, they not only play but compose. They write what they love to hear – harmony, sing-able melodies, tightly woven guitar sounds, and thought-provoking words. Thomas says, “We don’t write songs, we discover them. We find our material in everyday life and in feelings that people may not take time to think about.” “We want something you can dance and sing to, but at the same time makes you think about your life” Taylor explains. Thomas adds, “When people listen, we want them to experience.” Hey, that’s what I feel, but I didn’t know how to put it into words. Thomas and Taylor’s music appeals to a wide audience. Their CD is honest, smooth, and pleasant to the ear. They only record what they can also reproduce live with two acoustic guitars, their voices, and various creative effects. “We just want to convey who we are as cousins and as friends” Taylor says.

Oklahoma City Music

Ali Harter

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
United States

Ali Harter, 24, is a singer/songwriter from Oklahoma. She has been playing music for close to 13 years and has been touring fulltime in The United States and Europe for the last 5. Harter’s music ranges from soul, folk, blues, jazz, and rock, while drawing from influences such as Bonnie Raitt, Joe Cocker, Supergrass, Foo Fighters, Ray Lamontagne and Ben Harper to name a few. Ali’s first record, “Worry The Bone” was released in the summer of 2007 by Little Mafia Records/Paradigme Prod. The new record is due late 2009.

new orleans music


New Orleans, Louisiana
United States

Peel consists of four band members with various rock influenced background Which is evident in our music. Mike is on guitar…Rob on base…Timmy on Drums…Rod on vocals..After years of performing in smokey bars in and around New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina was thought to have stifled the rock scene here for good. Peel has reunited in the past months working hard for a common goal. In hopes of resurrecting NEW ORLEANS ROCK scene we also plan on conquering it. The band has written and performs nearly 20 songs all originals with 1 cover remake “house of the rising son”. Rod’s vocal variation and the band’s edgy riffs has created a cd chocked full of heavy and hard hitting sounds. With standout tracks like “Why”, “Nowhere”, & “On the Outside” from their upcoming cd release titled Screwed & Tattooed.

arizona music

Shelby Trischler

Prescott, Arizona
United States

From a small town in rural Arizona comes Shelby Trischler – an eclectic singer/songwriter who has captured the attention of an audience far beyond her small town. Shelby plays the acoustic guitar and the organ, which have been integral in honing her songwriting talent. Her repertoire consists of pop and folk songs written from her own life experiences. With diverse influences like Jenny Lewis, Death Cab for Cutie, and The Beatles, Shelby presents relatable topics delivered in a unique way. Her raw talent is unmistakable and she is thrilled to be a part of the 2008 International Music Festival.

Little Rock Arkansas Music

Drop Dead Syndicate

Little Rock, Arkansas
United States

Little Rock, Arkansas, Drop Dead Syndicate has a fanbase that reaches as far as Brazil, Germany, and The Netherlands, and is a mid-south regional favorite to all hard rockers. The group is comprised of 5 members who all came from bands that were successful in the own right. The colaboration has built a hard rock “supernova” of sorts, and branded Drop Dead Syndicate as seasoned recording artists, as well as tattooed them into the list of today’s top LIVE hard rock acts. DDS’s LIVE stage show can be topped by no other. With hip-hop roots tunrned metal, lead singer Eloe’s haunting & sultry baritone verses are electrified by his ability to reach chest-rattling high & low growls that no other vocalist of the genre can achieve. Drop Dead Syndicate has shared stages with some of the nation’s top ranked hard rock bands, such as Godsmack, Shinedown, The Exies, Operator, Drowning Pool, Static-X, Five Finger Death Punch and many, many more… Drop Dead Syndicate’s song “Undead” was selected to be on the soundtrack for the movie Decadent Evil II., as well several others that have been showcased on X-treme sports videos & independent films. Playing over 1000 live shows all over the mid-south, Drop Dead Syndicate is a rock band to be reckoned with!

Austin Music Scene

Kari K

Austin, Texas
United States

Kari K.’s list of accomplishments of being an independent musician is astonishingly never ending. She is a Singer, Songwriter, and Audio Engineer to the renown Media Tech Institute as well as Assistant Engineer at the talented Hideout Studios. Kari K. mixes, produces, engineers & publishes her own music with an impressive natural ability. Most recently, she was the FIRST PLACE winner out of over 600 contestants of Austin’s 3 month long Live Vocalist Competition 2008, “The Showcase”. You can feel her powerful & moving lyrics as her soul illuminates through her voice. It is rare to find a solo artist who has SUCH a remarkable stage performance. Not only does her voice dominate the room, her personality shines through her choice of songs and engagement with the crowd. The fans are in awe – singing along and dancing while having the time of their lives as her performance draws their undivided attention. If she hasn’t played for you, you’d be missing out not only on a mind-blowing performance, but a well-respected female musician who is passionately dedicated to her work. Kari K. defines the term: True Musician. It’s what she was meant to do.