The Process

  • 70 Markets
  • Over 100 venues
  • Thousands of artists
  • 200+ performances
  • One act to play on tour rotating between Cape Town, South Africa—the origin of The Anthem IMF and Boston, MA—the origin of Anthem


First Round: Anonymous judges consisting of music industry professionals complete standardized scoring sheets on all participating artists.

Second Round: Judges and fans vote for City Representatives featured online to determine the seven regional rockin’ musicians.

Third Round: A panel of industry professional judges will select most untouchable talent as the overall champion.


The Anthem IMF will provide one act with the opportunity to play an all-expenses paid tour—a once in a lifetime chance for artists to learn and grow through performances and an experience unlike any other.

Anthem believes every participating act is invaluable. Check out the Best of IMF an archive preserving past musical acts and bios.